Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Divine Intervention...

It is quite amazing how much impact one person can have on your life. Such an impact that it becomes hard to differentiate them as two different lives and two different souls. It is a seldom felt phenomenon and I am among the lucky ones to have the honour of feeling its true warmth.

Let me re-phrase my first sentence. I meant to say, that person not only impacts your life in a big way, but also becomes your life. Sounds strange? Then maybe you haven't felt it yet.

You truly start to believe that your life started the day that person came into your life. Before that day, there remains only a faint recollection of a meaningless existence. She came into my life like an angel sent from above, like divine intervention. I realized that heaven is not really a separate place, outside this world. I realized the meaning of my existence in this world. I realized that the sole meaning of my existence in this world was to bask in the warmth of love and care which she showered over me, to be with her forever till eternity.

Her voice is enough to eradicate all the tiredness of the day. Saying goodnight and hanging up the phone becomes the hardest and the most impossible thing to do each night! If I find myself in a tough situation, I know I can overcome it just because she believes I can. No matter how dark the tunnel, she is always there to hold my hand and lead the way into brightness.

English language fails miserably to find enough words to describe her. She is like the first rays of sunlight after a week of snowfall. She is like the cool wind blowing across the seashore at night. She is like a candle when the power goes out. She is like the first sip of water after fasting for a day. She is like an oasis in a vast desert. She is my life, my soulmate, my heart, my everything...

My sweet angel, I will be lost without you. Just stay with me forever. I need you at each and every step of my life, in each and every moment of my life. Thanks for blessing my life with infinite happiness and love. I am there for you...forever...n ever...n ever....

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